Amarillo Meals on Wheels will continue to extend pet care to seniors

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Meals on Wheels plans to expand its services to help seniors who are in their program and unable to leave their homes.

Working with Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine and the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation, the local nonprofit plans to offer free home veterinary care.

Amarillo Meals on Wheels executive director Susie Akers said it would be a welcome addition to the AniMeals program, which provides dog and cat food to seniors at home once a month.

“These pets are their family,” Akers said. “Pets provide so much care, comfort and support.”

To be eligible, seniors must be on Meals on Wheels and unable to leave their home.

Akers said she hopes to start the program this fall. She added that donations and volunteers are helpful in making the AniMeals program work.

“We have, on our website, we have a way to donate only to the AniMeals program if you wish, and it goes directly to the AniMeals program,” Akers said. “It will help us buy dog ​​and cat food, and it will help us with veterinary care.”

Akers noted that the service will only be available for cats and dogs and will not include more serious treatments such as surgery.

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